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Welcome to the Center for Microsystems Technology (ZEMI) in Berlin ...

ZEMI is an association of research facilities located in Berlin that aims to focus the intellectual and technical resources of the member institutes in one location for the benefit of industry users.
ZEMI's objectives are

  • to provide access to the intellectual and technical resources of the associates
  • to support companies in development and production
  • to shorten development times while reducing innovation costs
  • to provide comprehensive, expert project management services

ZEMI participates in a network called MANO which aims to improve the education and professional training situation in the field of microsystems technology.

ZEMI History

In November 2001 the official start of the ZEMI network took place. In the following two years the technical facilities in Berlin-Adlershof were completed. This project was founded by the Berlin government and the European Union. Since 2004 ZEMI acts on his own initiative and the operation is financed by the ZEMI associates.

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